Saturday, February 27, 2010

SRK cheap publicity monger

Watched My name is khan..
I dont know how srk acts in reality ... makes stunts in public for cheap publicity like to promote the movies as he is got checked for security reasons in New york airport ...because his name is khan...wat a stunt???
recent he was a owner of a IPL team one from PAK were selected...either he should have selected one from PAK or he should have asked MODI to do ....he did nt select anyone so his biz wont get get affected..then he advices for others...and shamely feels that they shud have been selected...again publicity???
MNIK simply Copied from rain man and some other Great movies Coated with typical Bollywood Masala by karan johar and publicised by SRK n promoted by NOrthern English media Channels....

SRK Shamelss Publicity Monger!!!!!

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